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Step 2: Once you have completed the contact form above,  click on the Visions patient portal link below to select a counseling appointment that works for you.

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Scheduling a Nutrition Therapy/Health Coaching Appointment

Step 3: Preparing for the first appointment and intake paperwork.

We have put together some notes and suggestions to help you prepare for your first appointment and get the most out of therapy.

  • Bring a list of all medicines you are taking for both physical and behavioral health reasons. Include name, dose, frequency, and any side effects you are experiencing.
  • Bring along contact information for all doctors who are giving you medicine.
  • Bring copies of any documents you think might be helpful. These include previous psychological testing, hospital discharge summaries, or recent vitamin levels/laboratory results.
  • If you are bringing your child in for therapy, then bring copies of recent school report cards, behavioral reports, IEP/504 Plan, psychological testing results, and court documents to verify legal guardianship if applicable.
  • Bring your identification, insurance card and any source of payment.