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Prepare-Enrich Facilitator Training

For Licensed Therapists, Clergy, Marriage Mentors, and Educators

Have you ever wanted a formal assessment and workbook to provide structure to the work you do with couples?  Look no further, Kimberly Best Johnson, LPC, LMFT provides the certification training required to administer Prepare-Enrich.

More than 40,000 couples have prepared for marriage or enriched their marriage by taking the Prepare-Enrich online assessment and working with a Certified Facilitator.  The assessment itself has been proven to improve relationship satisfaction; however, there is something extraordinary about the relationship a Facilitator develops with a couple that truly helps the couple grow more than they would on their own. The PREPARE/ENRICH Certification Workshop trains facilitators to administer the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment and give premarital and married couples feedback using six core and over 20 supplemental exercises. Facilitators are taught methods to support couples by identifying their strengths and growth areas in categories such as Communication, Conflict Resolution, Sexuality,  Personality, Spiritual Beliefs, & Financial Management.

The training provides step by step guidance on every element of the Prepare-Enrich assessment. Participants will learn and practice the skills needed to use the Prepare-Enrich materials. Expect to learn how to work more effectively with couples…
Administer the online assessment.
Interpret couples’ reports. 
Provide helpful feedback to couples
Guide couples’ exercises
Teach relationship skills

The first step in using Prepare-Enrich with couples is to become a certified facilitator.